Who We Are


Mary E. Uhle, Chairperson
Bernadette Huestis, Vice Chair-East
Katharine Plummer, Vice Chair-West
Tracey Walsh, Secretary
Laura Fiorillo, Treasurer

Board of Directors

Judith A. Bruen
Liz Cafiero
Frann DeAngelis
Jennifer Dougherty
Elizabeth T. Healy
Frankie Feehan
Carol Horgan
Cindy Kenworthy
Missy Ogden
Fran Olivieri
Joyce Palattella
Eleanor Rocco
Teresa Siegel
Patricia Tomassi


Phyllis Longo
Belle Blanchard Newton
Marisa O’Leary
Marilyn Palefsky
Carol Roberto

Honorary Status

Mary Bodor
Florence Dean
Christine De Gennaro
Pam Forde
Mildred Goelz
Dorothy Killackey
Joyce E. Koch
Eleanor Pianforini
Beverly Rhodes
Patricia Shea

Putnam County Children’s Committee, Inc., is a 501(c)3 charity, and the amount of your gift is tax-exempt for federal income tax purposes.