Policies and Procedures

  1. The Putnam County Children’s Committee acts to collect, administer and distribute financial aid to children who are in need of assistance for health, education and welfare. our help will begin after all other sources of aid have been exhausted.
      1. Foster Children’s Care
        Each month the PCC provides each Putnam County foster child with an allowance for personal expenses. The amount of the allowance varies according to the child’s age. Each child also receives a birthday check and at the holiday season a check to buy gifts for his/her family. The amounts of all checks are specified in the annual budget. All checks are distributed by the Putnam County Social Services caseworker, in compliance with privacy laws.
      2. Aid to Needy Children
        Requests for financial support from interested parties, such as social workers, schoolteachers, administrators, nurses, guidance counselors, coaches, recreational directors, pastors, and parents/guardians, may be presented to the Committee by any Director. Validating information must be presented at the time of the request. The Committee examines such and votes on the issue.In the event of an emergency, as when money must be advanced before a meeting can take place, the Chair and one other Executive Board member are authorized to expend up to $75.00. In the absence of the Chair, two Executive Board members may authorize the expenditure. Between $76.00 and $250.00, a majority of the Executive Board must approve the expenditure. If over $250.00, the majority of the Directors must approve the expenditure. Approved funds are made directly payable to the provider of the service.
      3. Scholarships
        Every February letters announcing PCCC scholarships are sent to schools attended by Putnam County students. The amount of scholarship money available is specified in the annual budget. The budgeted amount need not be awarded each year.
      4. Support to Community Action Program
        The Community Action Program (CAP) provides food, clothing and counseling to needy families. Every July the PCCC donates $500 to CAP for school supplies. Every October the PCCC donates $500 for gifts for the holiday season.
  2. Meetings will be held on the third Thursday of each month except February and August. At every meeting Directors will sign an attendance sheet, which will be given to the Secretary.
  3. The Fiscal year begins on April 1 and ends on March 31.
  4. The business year begins at the April meeting. Directors and/or Officers will be elected and take office in April. Committee reports of the previous year will be due at the April meeting. The Secretary will keep the reports.
  5. A quorum will consist of one more than half the number of the entire Board of Directors.
  6. A simple majority is necessary to pass any motion.
  7. Standing committees shall be elected by an affirmative vote of a simple majority of the Directors.
    • Fund Raising Committee.
      All PCCC participants are members of the Fund Raising Committee. Each one prepares a list of residents and businesses that will be contacted for a donation. The Fund Drive Chairperson collects the donations, records them and notifies the participant who sent the appeal letter. This person sends an acknowledgement/thank you letter to each donor. The fund drive chairperson banks the receipts and notifies the treasurer. Fund raising projects, other than the annual letter writing campaign, may be considered.
    • Scholarship Committee.(see 1C)
      Students desiring scholarship consideration must submit a letter stating academic goals and reasons for financial need. The student must also supply his/her high school transcript, two letters of recommendation and a financial plan. The financial plan should state the costs of higher education and how those costs will be met. Students should declare savings, earnings, anticipated gifts, anticipated earnings, loans and family support to enable the Scholarship Committee to determine need. Priority is given to need with consideration also given to academic achievement, extra-curricular activities and community service. The application deadline is mid April and notice of scholarship awards is sent to schools in mid May.
    • Publicity Committee.
      This committee publishes the activities of the corporation in the local media. Members speak at service club meetings and appropriate community gatherings to increase awareness of the work of the PCCC.
    • By laws/Policies and Procedures Committee.
      This committee insures that the By Laws and the Policies and Procedures are followed. It also formulates the wording of proposed amendments when necessary.
    • Finance Committee.
      This committee oversees the financial records, creates the budget for each year and consults and advises on investments. there will be periodic internal audits of the books. At the change of treasurer, there will be an external audit.
    • Nominating Committee.
      This committee proposes the candidates for Officers and Directors and secures the consent of the candidates. The slate of candidates will be presented at the march meeting.
    • Sunshine Committee.Directors and Associates contribute to a fund used to acknowledge special events in the lives of Committee particpants.
    • History/Scrapbook.
      This committee will maintain a record of publicity as well as documents and photographs of events in PCCC history.
  8. Elections.
    Elections of Directors are held annually at the April meeting. Elections of Officers are held biennially in even numbered years.
  9. Levels of Committee Participation.
    • Associates.
      An Associate shall be one who shares the philosophy of and shows an interest in the programs of the PCCC. To be eligible for associate status, an individual must first be proposed by a Director.  Appointment shall be by majority vote of the Board. The Vice Chair of the area in which he/she resides shall notify the new Associate of acceptance. An Associate is encouraged to attend the monthly meetings of the Board of Directors and may participate in the discussion. An Associate does not have voting privileges. Should a vacancy occur on the Board, an interested Associate may be elected by a majority vote of the Board to serve until the next general election.
    • Honorary Status.
      To be considered for Honorary status, one must have served as a Director or an Associate of the PCCC for at least ten (10) years and be inactive at the time of nomination. A non-member of the PCCC, who has contributed significantly to the welfare and well being of the children of Putnam County either publicly or privately, may be proposed for Honorary status. In either category, a majority vote of the Board is necessary for approval.
  10. Amending the Policies and Procedures.
    Any of these Policies and Procedures may be amended, or repealed, by the affirmative vote of a simple majority of the entire Board. Any proposed amendment must be presented at one meeting and voted upon at the next meeting.